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Our Program Philosophy

At SCPENS, children learn about themselves and the world around them through play. By participating in a stimulating learning environment with other children their own age, students develop skills and build confidence—socially, emotionally, cognitively and physically.

Parents actively involved in their child’s learning are better able to understand and meet their child’s needs. Parents are able to observe experienced, credentialed teachers and other parents handling typical, and sometimes difficult, situations. They learn new approaches and techniques and practice their new skills in a supportive environment.

Monthly evening meetings offer in-depth discussions of a variety of parent issues as well as the opportunity to learn from guest speakers.


Children will…

Parents will…

Parents and children will…

SCPENS is not just a preschool. It’s like a family.
– John B.
SCPENS is a great place to make friends for both parents and children.
- Monice T.
Attending SCPENS & the seminars has really helped me become a better parent.
- Toni O.
I love to watch the chicks hatch and the tadpoles grow into frogs.
- Tara (age 4)

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the administrative body that governs our co-op's business affairs. Board meetings are open to all co-op members and are held once a month. Some of the board's principal business includes the school budget, expenditures and staffing. The board members are elected by the parent membership for a one year term.
The board positions are:


    Cory Beardsley

    Co-Vice Presidents

    Amy Erlewine
    Caitlin Messer


    Joanie White
    Rebecca Dixon


    Jenna Lokey
    Maureen Rosner


    Wendy Wyckoff
    Maggie Klepp

    Marketing Coordinators

    Janet Herman
    Shannon Blount

    Fundraising Team

    Erika Taylor
    Oriana Willingham

    Membership Coordinator

    Shannon McDermott

    Support Job Coordinators

    Mary Lecklitner
    Lindsay Patel

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