Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the administrative body that governs our co-op's business affairs. Board meetings are open to all co-op members and are held once a month. Some of the board's principal business includes the school budget, expenditures and staffing. The board members are elected by the parent membership for a one year term.


Bridget Olp
Lori Schulman

Co-Vice Presidents

Selina Wightman
Shauna Casey


Stephanie McCormick
Jennifer Sullivan


Meredith McKinnon
Michael McKinnon

communication Coordinators

Aimee Miller
Adrianne Bortnick

Membership Coordinators

Amy Hsiung
Kate Oates

Support Job Coordinators

Lindsay Patel, Emy Fehmi
               & Tenolian Bell             


Darcy Valby
Rosemary Breedlove