A Typical Day


Free choice Activities

We start our day with open play where children get to decide what interests them most. Shelves are full of toys to fuel the imagination. Teachers set out special art projects and activities in the learning centers each day. Children are inherently drawn to what they need to learn.

Circle time

Circle Time brings everyone together for songs, stories, finger rhymes, movement, puppetry and creative dramatics. Children learn how to participate in a group - developing listening skills and self-expression.

snack time

Parents take turns bringing nutritious snacks to give children a healthy boost for the rest of their school day. The Toddler Program practices sitting, eating with friends and clearing dishes. The Preschool Program eats family style getting a chance to practice serving themselves and others.

outside play

We take our big energy out to our big playground where children can ride trikes, play in the sandbox, hunt for bugs in the garden, climb, slide, and pretend-play. Each classroom has its own private yard as well, where children can enjoy outdoor play at any time.

Goodbye circle

The Goodbye Circle at the end of the day helps children relax and get ready to go home. It offers parents an opportunity to reunite with their children at the end of their special day while enjoying a wonderful array of children’s music and literature.