Parent's role: A Rewarding Experience

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You’ll be an active participant in your child’s education at SCPENS. You’ll see firsthand what your child is learning. You’ll be there to witness and support developing friendships and learn ways to expand your children’s interests. You’ll model for your child how important education is because you’ll be right there in the classroom with him or her.

At the same time you’ll be learning new parenting skills, and have the chance to practice them in the classroom with the help of a credentialed teacher.

You’ll make new friends and be part of a caring community working together to support each other.

You’ll develop skills that will make you a valuable volunteer and leader in the schools your child will go on to attend.

You’ll have the opportunity to expand your work skills and build community as you take on a support job or become a board member.


Parent Participation

Parents and teachers work together to provide a rich, yet affordable, school experience for our children. Each family is expected to take an active role in the classroom and in the functioning of the co-op as a whole. A parent from each family:

  • Works in the classroom once a week for each enrolled child.

  • Attends parent seminars after class, about twice a month.

  • Provides a nutritious snack for their child’s class about once a month.

  • Comes to evening membership meetings with relevant guest speakers once a month.

  • Performs a support job such as photographer, librarian, gardener…

  • Joins in fundraising.

  • Participates in a school beautification day twice a year.